What's "Stweem"

Stweem is a unique Twitter client

In the timeline, tweet will stream one after another in real time.

Do you like baseball or football games?
Sumo lover? What is your favorite TV program?
Let's have fun together with other users!

Function of Stweem

1. Image display

In the background of the timeline, images that have been posted along with the tweet appears.
You can also choose to display only an image by a double-tap.

Furthermore Stweem can also display images that have been shared to Twitter from Instagram.

2. Search key word

Of course, you can also use the search function.

By all means, your favorite hash tag or try to enter the keywords that are popular now.

3. Location select

In Stweem, not only simple keyword search, by limiting the location, you can see the tweets of only the range.

Not only city where you live, even the look at the tweet of distant foreign country, it might be interesting.

4. Various settings function

You can set the various items in the configuration screen. You will take a look at once.

Among them, is useful "Ignore List" which can be so as not to display the tweets containing a specific keyword.

Considerations on the specification

  • Streaming API on Twitter specification of can not be opened only one with a single account.When tweet does not flow to make sure that you do not have to start the other clients in the same account, please use a different account or wait for a while.

  • You can more fun available when you provide an account for Stweem.